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Rehabilitate and release photos provided by  @Joshua Asel
Want a Bird's Eye View of our Center?
Check out the episode of Doing Unto Others that features SCWR and Doris, our director.

Check out our Volunteer Video! Want to volunteer for us? Find out why others do!
Check out this video made by Subaru, a business sponsor of SCWR. We were impressed by how they kept our mission statement at the forefront of their video. 

Save Bobcats!

Click here to sign our petition against trapping bobcats in California! 


Babies Are Here!

It's baby season here at Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, which means we have many mewling mouths to feed. Please click the above Donate button to help us take care of this spring and summer's orphans. 

Save Baby Bunnies! 

Guess what? Most of the baby bunnies we see here at SCWR are KIDNAPPED! Well-meaning people bring them in, thinking they've lost their mothers. Rabbit mothers leave their babies alone most of the time, and come back to feed them when it's quiet and safe. 

See Videos of Emergency Rescues

See video of a bat rescue and a raccoon that needed rescue on our Emergency Call Videos page.

Nearer Neighbors

We've had an increasing number of calls from people who are having problems with wildlife in their backyards. Due to the drought, many animals are being forced to go closer to humans to find food and water. If they are being a nuisance please consider using our Predator Scent as a deterrent. We also offer exclusion services. Please see A Wildlife Exclusion's page for more details on defining boundaries with wildlife. Let's all be good neighbors!


Barn Owl Maintenance Program
We are starting a new Barn Owl Maintenance Program to help local vineyards and individuals keep healthy barn owl boxes and encourage an
Eco-friendly way to manage pests. Click here to learn more!


A Great New Way to Donate
We have joined Layne Labratories' "Get Wild" program which will allow people to donate towards our account. With your donation, we will be able to purchase food such as mice, rats and quail for our patients. Click here to read more


Feed Orphaned Owls
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Current Volunteer Corner
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Hotline: (707) 526-WILD(9453) ~ Business Office: (707) 992-0274 ~ Exclusion Service (707) 992-0276 ~ Fax (707) 992-0720
Location: 403 Mecham Rd, Petaluma CA 94952
Mailing Address: PO Box 448, Cotati CA 94931
Email Us: education@scwildliferescue.org

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